“My Wild Blue Roan” (Even if he did turn out to be a Gray)

By Lona Patton

Near a place they call Adobe Town,

an HMA located in Wyoming.

Nineteen hundred ninety six, was the year at hand

On the 27th day of March

Our herd was happy grazing, out there upon the land.

One cold morning, behind Willow Peak,

Was the day in which they took me,

They found us grazing, by a spring.

Two-legged’s came and caught us

at our home by Willow Creek!

They chased us like a mountain lion

and forced us in a cage.

this cage, they called a corral.

That put us all into a rage!

I saw a bird, flying without wings,

and it made an awful loud roaring sound!

It flew above our heads, there was chaos all around.

I saw two-legs sitting up upon the backs

of my relatives and distant brothers,

they came running up behind us,

with things held in their hands,

yelling things at all of us

that we couldn’t understand!

They chased us with some scary things,

tied onto some long sticks …

They waved and shook them at us,these sticks held in their hands!

They scared us so bad, our hearts did pound!

Our hooves echoed, like the sound of a thousand drums,

beating loudly on the surface

of a cold hard ground!

They closed us in- just as I turned,

to look for a place I could flee,

When suddenly I realized

that my freedom would no longer be, ”

“Oh Lord, my creator…”

“What will become of me!?”


He stood within the holding pens,

waiting for a strange new home.

A home he really didn’t want.

He wanted to be free!

I could see the longing in his eyes.

but if he was going to survive, he somehow knew it had to be.

How he longed to be free again

to run wild with his majestic band!

Back with the only family that he has ever known,

to play and run, back in the desert sand.

His heart, how it ache’d, to run wild and free again,

in the back country of Wyoming,

Back to Adobe Town and the Willow Creek

The home that he now misses, and the

Meadowlarks that sing!

He stood there staring back at me …

with big warm, dark eyes that sparkled as the sunlight kissed them gently.

Did I just witness a spark, a glimmer of hope, of growing curiosity?

I watch him now, watching me, I pray for his comfort,

and then I add,

“Dear Lord Above, Please listen to my prayer,

will you help him learn to trust me,

help me show him that I care,

somehow help me to let him know, if you would kindly guide me.

That he could find an honest friend,

if only he’d except me?”

“In return this is my promise, I’ll give him a good home,

I know that he can never be

again wild or free to roam,

I’ll do my best to give him all that I can afford.

The best feed that I can find, a shelter, and good water,

this I promise Lord.

But most of all dear Lord above

I will give to him a home

that’s filled with compassion,

care and lots of love.


With gentle hands I’ll try to teach,

the wondrous things you’ve taught me.

Please bless us both with patient, understanding minds.

I know that you will guide me.

“I thank you Lord,

for everything that you have given me.

I ask you now my Dearest Lord

If you’ll help this little mustang

to find a place down deep inside

to give to this two-legged,

a chance to win his heart and trust,

that with me he can confide.


Then softly I begin speak, “Beautiful wild blue roan,

with a crescent moon and a tiny star, kissed by your desert home.

Touched by the sun and Red Desert moon,

So lovely and so beautiful, like a dreamy moonlit dance,

You move about so gracefully, hold up your head and prance.

Would you possibly consider

living at my home?

Although you’re body

may not be free, I’ll let you’re spirit soar …

like an eagle flying high, if you wish for it to be.

I’ll let your spirit be free and wild as it was meant to be.

Wild and beautiful blue roan… Moon Dancer Mine,

would you possibly consider, living at my home with me?

Come join us and become a part of my family.

With a nod and a nicker, his frightened and unsure answer

echoed in the month of May crisp Wyoming air.

Yes he would come home with me!

He needs and wants a family to share.


Welcome home my wild one!

Welcome home my friend …

Adopted May 18


Part 2

I’m standing here at my new home

where I will reside,

inside of a corral, with a two-leg also inside.

Should I run or should I stand?

Oh Lord! She touched me with her hand!

I run …

quietly she follows,

I run some more …

yet still she is there,

not really chasing, but following me, slow.

I look for an escape,

Oh my creator, where can I go?

There is nowhere!

Still, I run …

I’m tired of running, she will not go away!

“Blue roan, you can trust me”

I then hear her say.

So I stop, turn and face her

and quietly I stare,

She stops too,

waiting, looking back and standing there.

What does she want?! What should I do?

Then softly she speaks to me…

“Blue roan, I promise not to hurt you”

Within me something stirs,

my mind spins in a whirl!

As I find myself approaching

this two legged girl.

I want to run! But instead, I stand.

She touches me, as she reaches out her hand.

My heart, it jumps and quivers

but still I do not flee.

Her hand is soft and gentle,

somehow it comforts me.

My body, how it quivers..



She reaches out again,

as she pets down my neck,

I can’t take it, it’s too much!

she is scaring me

with her every touch!

I have to run! I cannot stay!

My fear,

it will not go away.

Once again, she follows me,

quietly and slow,

I run and as I try to flee.

I feel there’s something’s different,

in my mind – I know,

There is now a new feeling

deep inside of me.

Away from her I find myself

feeling more afraid and lonely.

Again I stop and face her,

again, she stops to …

quietly, she waits there.

What am I supposed to do?

Slowly I walk back to her.

She speaks to me

with a kind, soft whisper …

“Everything is going to be O.K.

just wait and you will see.”

She touches my muzzle ever so softly,

then turns…and quietly,

she just walks away.

Then looking back

she says to me …

as she brings to me some hay,

“We’ll finish this, my new friend …

on another day.”


He’s at a new home now,

no longer free.

Yet he knew somehow,

this was meant to be.

It was a long and lonely ride home,

Nothing would ever again be the same.

Never again, to be free to roam.

He soon fell asleep…the Great Spirit came,

as a vision in his dream,

saying “chunkwakan, horse …

do not weep. Your new home

will not bring you any shame.”

“Go now, meta’ kola, go now my friend,

My prayers with you I will send.”

“And when you are afraid,

just look up to the sky,

you’ll find me here waiting …

for your spirit to fly.”

“So walk the good trail,

and be not afraid.”

“Your two-leg is gentle, I know she’ll be kind,

If you give her your heart, I think you will find …

she will also give hers, and a true friendship

will start.”

“Akita Ma’niyo… observe all as you go,

If you’ll just trust in her,

somehow this I know…

Keep yourself willing to learn and forgive.

When you open your heart, you begin to live,

Then open your mind …

and soon you will see,

Your spirit is still wild and free.”


Good morning my wild blue roan,

I hope you had a good night.

It’s a wonderful day… you won’t be alone,

you’re such a beautiful sight!

Well hello to you too! Your nicker’s so sweet.

I’ve a feeling today…that our two hearts will meet.

I know you are scared,

heck, I am too.

But I think we’ll be friends

before this day is through.

I’m brushing you now,

I hope it feels nice.

I’m sorry you lost your freedom,

I know it was a sacrifice.

But I’m happy you’re here,

now sharing my home…

allowing me to stand so near.

It’s time, I see

to give you a name.

I’ve thought long and hard

on what it should be.

I look at your face and there I do see …

gentle eyes looking right back at me.

For the cresent moon with a tiny star,

as if they were put there

from the heaven afar.

I know now, what your name should be.

Moon Dancer ~ Wacipi Wi

A friend, you are mine, ~ Metawa.

Yes, that’s what it should be …

Moon Dancer Mine,

Metawa Wacipi Wi.


Part 3

A few years have gone by

and it wasn’t so bad,

it has proven to be

even a better home then I had.

Though I am no longer wild and free

My spirit is, I still run and play,

But what is even better for me

is she brings me my water, my grain, my hay.

No more do I search for water each day,

across miles of earth …

only to end in dismay,

my water tank is full …

and fresh every day.

For me she has

much love and pride,

my heritage

she does not try to hide.

Although she was told

how crazy I’d be,

she tells the whole world

how much she loves me.

She says I’m a mustang

with pride in her voice,

she could have had any horse,

but picked me, she says,

by her own choice.

She loves me a lot

this much I know,

when it’s cold outside

with three feet of snow,

I no longer shiver

and shake in the cold,

my two-leg she gave me

a warm place I could go.


She brushes the mud

and the dirt off his back,

then she scratches him

with just the right knack.

She pets him soft and gentle you see,

as she whispers “Metawa …

you’re still somewhat free,

and I’m so glad you’re here

living with me.”

His spirit’s not broken as some said it would be

his heart is not heavy, it’s as light as can be.

Even though he now lives

in captivity.

Sometimes he misses roaming the land,

running and playing in the Red Desert sand,

drinking cold water from the Willow Creek spring

as he listened to the meadowlarks sing.

Then he remembers the long cold winter months

pawing through the snow, searching for a blade of grass,

as he shivered with cold, and waited for the winter to pass.

He’s now thankful to be living at his new home,

as green grasses he finds in the pasture he roams,

he still listens to the beautiful sound

of the meadowlarks

and the birds that abound.

Then he thanks his creator

our Lord up above,

for his home that is filled

with compassion and love.

He looks up to the sky,

and there he does see …

like the clouds that float by,

his spirit is still wild and free.


They said I could never ever break you,

They said I should send you off to be glue.

They never believed

you could be gentle or true,

They could not see what I saw in you.

I am ever so happy now,

with you here with me,

my mustang, my friend, forever to be.

When I walk out my door,

you’re there by the gate

anxiously waiting for me …

without any hate.

You love me too, this much I know,

with all of the gentleness to me that you show.

When I bring out your saddle,

your always there waiting

and ready to go …

to ride by the river in the tall grass,

up in the hills, or in a meadow,

Whenever we travel to a horse show,

You’re willing and able

to give me all that you know,

and when we are done, and ready to leave,

I wear ribbons with pride, pinned to my sleeve.

You’ve won ribbons, and plaques

and awards just for me,

I want to shout…so the whole world can see,

though you were born wild and free …

You’re as gentle and kind

as any horse can be,

if they’d open their heart …

then open their mind,

I know that they would see

what a wonderful horse a mustang can be!


You’re my beautiful mustang

and my wonderful friend.

I vowed to the Lord

to Him, the credits I’d send.

Thank you Lord for guiding me,

give the best home I could

to Metawa Wacipi Wi


Dedicated and Written for me by my owner … Lona Patton

For all the wild horses roaming free today

and not knowing what tomarrow will bring.

~~~ The End ~~~