2010 AIHR National

The AIHR currently sponsors seven awards programs. These programs are similar in that they are all lifetime awards — there is no time limit on earning any of them. Each award costs a one-time registration fee to cover the cost of postage, record keeping, printing, etc. (foreign members please add $5 in U.S. funds to each fee).

These AIHR awards programs are available to AIHR members riding only registered American Indian Horses or Ponies. Although these members may already be included in family memberships, they must in some way be connected to a current paid membership. While there is no time limit on any of the awards, AIHR membership must be kept current while the award is being earned, or all points will be forfeited.

  1. THE HORSEBACK HOURS PROGRAM is designed to meet each individual member’s need and is based on an honor system whereby the rider-owner can log hours spent riding, and

    2008 AIHR National

    receive awards for each step earned. $5 fee.


  3. THE HORSEBACK MILES PROGRAM, like the hours program, is also based on an honor system whereby the rider-owner can log miles ridden and receive awards for each step earned. $5 fee.

  5. THE INDIAN HORSE HALL OF FAME requires 200 versatility points. A list of events and points earned is available from the AIHR office. $10 fee.

  7. THE INDIAN HORSE SUPREME HALL OF FAME requires 1000 versatility points. $10 fee.

  9. THE INDIAN HORSE FARM OR RANCH HALL OF FAME requires 400 versatility points. Several horses may be used to earn the points, but they must all be owned by a recognized AIHR farm or ranch and be registered Indian Horses. $10 fee.

  11. THE INDIAN HORSE YOUTH HALL OF FAME requires 300 versatility points and is limted to young people age 18 or under. $10 fee.

  13. THE COUNTING COUP AWARD requires 100 points earned in a single field, i.e. Counting Coup – Trail is for earning 100 points on trail rides, Counting Coup – Parades for 100 points earned by parading, etc. The same points & point keeping form for the Hall of Fame awards may be used and Counting Coup points may also count towards Hall of Fame. $5 fee.


2009 AIHR National


For questions or more information about these programs, contact the AIHR registry at the address shown. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a quick answer. Postage is a never-ending problem for us and we appreciate your help with this matter! Thank you!