When they’re not out riding, most horsepersons we know are usually curled up with a good book. Here are some of our favorites, perfect for a late night by a warm fireplace, a sunny afternoon on the back porch, or stuffed inside your saddlebags. Happy reading!

Bear-Step, Shatka Painted Ponies, 1952
Berg, W.A. The Mysterious Western Horse of N. America, 1960
Cisneros, Jose Riders Across the Centuries, 1984
Clark, LaVerne Harrell They Sang for Horses, 1966
Derring, Davis The American Cow Pony, 1962
Dobie, J. Frank The Mustangs, 1934
Mustangs and Cow Horses, 1940
Ewers, John C. The Horse in Blackfoot Indian Culture, 1955
Graham, R. B. Cunninghame The Horses of the Conquest, 1949
Haines, Frances Appaloosa: The Spotted Horse in Art & History, 1963
Howard, Robert West The Horse in America, 1965
Knudsen & Speir Saltbrush and Sagebrush, 1986
Mails, Thomas E. The People Called Apache, 1974
Mystic Warriors of the Plains, 1972
Dog Soldiers, Bear Men & Buffalo Women, 1973
Newcomb, W. W. The Indians of Texas, 1961
Osborne, Walter D. A Treasury of Horses, 1966
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw Where the Wild Horses Roam, 1989
Roe, Frank G. The Indian and the Horse, 1955
Rojas, A.R. Bits, Bitting and the Spanish Horse, 1970
Ryden, Hope America’s Wild Horses
Sponenberg & Beaver Horse Color, 1983
Taylor, Colin The Warrior of the Plains, 1975
Webb, Walter Prescott The Great Plains, 1931
Worcester, D. The Spanish Mustang, 1986
Wyman, Walker D. The Wild Horse of the West, 1945
Blake, Michael Dances With Wolves
Capps, Benjamin Season of Yellow Leaf
The White Man’s Road
Coldsmith, Don The Spanish Bit Series
Lea, Tom The Hands of Cantu
The Wonderful Country
Robson, Lucia St. Clair Light A Distant Fire
Ride the Wind
Walk In My Soul
Worcester, Donald War Pony