There’s a lot of other really cool and informative websites about the American Indian Horse. Here are just a few, and we’ll add some more as soon as we can…

The Center for America’s First Horse

Tejas Indian Horse Club

Yahoo Groups AIHR Forum

Foot Hills Indian Horse Club

Wild Horse and Burro Program

The Colonial Spanish Horse by Dr. Sponenberg

Wilbur-Cruce Spanish Barb

The Right Lead

Other Similar Registries

American Sulphur Horse Association

Horse of the Americas

North American Mustang Association and Registry

Spanish Barb Horse Association

Spanish Mustang Registry

Southwest Spanish Mustang Association (SSMA)

Breeder Sites

Karma Farms

Cayuse Ranch

Lothlórien Farm

Trail Riding / Competitive Trail Organizations

NATRC, North American Trail Ride Conference

NATRC website

NETSA — North East Texas & Surrounding Areas

TTC, Texas Trail Challenge

Where The Trails Are