Procedure for Registration with AIHR

In order to complete an application for registration with AIHR, please fill out the registration application as near to complete as possible. It is necessary that you provide as much accurate information as is available on the horse or pony. However, we realize that there are instances the information requested is not known. This fact alone may not forbid registration at this time.

Click to download the registration application form

Accurately kept private records are essential and in any case where an application is regarded as questionable, the burden of proof with regard to the same shall rest upon the applicant who must sustain his/her claims by a preponderance of evidence.

PICTURES: Please include pictures of both sides of the horse with this application. A minimum of two good quality color pictures of the horse, one of each side without trappings/tack (halter permitted) are required. Photographs should be taken from approximately fifteen feet away. Please make sure the face and leg markings are visible. If the horse is of unknown parentage and is four years old or older, please submit a minimum of four pictures, one of each side, one from the front, and one from the rear. This will help our inspectors make a classification determination.

Below are a few examples of registration pictures. Note these pictures are taken in the grass but it would be best for the horses to be on a surface that will not hide their hooves or legs, such as dirt, concete, freshly mowed grass, or gravel.

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OTHER REGISTRY INFORMATION: If the horse/pony is registered with another registry , please include a copy of that registry’s certificate and pedigree. This information will assist AIHR in making a classification determination. If the horse’s pedigree is not known, just write in “unknown” on the pedigree lines of the registration application. If you know the breed(s) but not the names, please write that information on the pedigree lines.

FEES: Submit the proper fees as shown at the bottom of the application. You will note that there are two rates for registration; members and non-member. If you are the holder of a valid, in date, membership card for AIHR, you are entitled to the member discount as shown. You will automatically become a member of AIHR for one full year with the registration of your first horse, once the non-member fee is paid. If you register the other horses during that year you are entitled to the member rates. Our membership is good for one full year from the time you become a member. At the end of the year, you will be notified that your membership is due for renewal. The renewal date will be shown on the address label of your newsletter and you will receive a second notice in the form of a renewal card three months later.

In the event that the horse/pony being submitted for registration is not accepted, total registration fees will be returned to the applicant.

NOTE: If you choose a more common name (Chief, Princess, etc.) your initials will be put in as a prefix to the name on the registration certificate.

Return the form with the proper fees to:
The American Indian Horse Registry, INC (AIHR)
9028 State Park Road, Lockhart, TX 78644-4310

Please do not hesitate to write, call, or e-mail with questions.
Nanci Falley 512/738-0211

Thank you for your interest in AIHR.
WOLAKOTA (peace and friendship in the Lakota language)